Saturday, April 6, 2013

Let The FUNdraising Begin!

Adoption is financially costly, having said that, it is worth EVERY penny! We have officially began our  fundraising. We didn't have to do fundraise with our first adoption and frankly, it's quite humbling for me to have to do this time around. I hate, HATE asking for money! Even though with fundraising you are getting something for the money you give, most folks just don't want to part with their money and that makes it difficult. I have planned for several funraisers throughout the summer beginning with our popcorn sale, which we have just started. We will be doing a garage sale the first weekend in May, I have requested donations from local friends on facebook but so far have only received donations from 2 friends and I need a lot more in order to make it successful. In June I will be hosting a pampered chef party, and sometime after I will do a car wash. I am planning a bake sale but may include that with the garage sale although, I think having one outside of our local Walmart might bring us some considerable cash too. I am going to get some t-shirts together and sell those as well, and I have added a donation button for anyone interested in helping us bring our son home :) I will post pictures of the shirts when I receive them so remember to check back periodically if you're interested. All this said, at least we are moving forward with our adoption process. If you think of us will you please pray for us, we have a long way to go and could use all the prayers we can get!

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